Hi! Greetings from me (Meagan Page), The Illustrator's Wife!

If you've clicked onto this page, it means you probably like my blog, which is absolutely thrilling to me!
Yay, readership!

Now, some of you know more about the online universe than others, so for those who don't know a lot about blog subscriptions, a little run down:

To start with, it's 100% free! 
Basically, all a subscription does is allow you to receive my blog posts directly, either to an email address or 
into a reader (via RSS feed), much like having a (free) newspaper or magazine delivered directly to your door. And this is good for both of us. It keeps you from having to waist your time, constantly checking my blog for the possibility of updates. And every time one of you opts to receive this free service, it makes my blog a little bit more valuable (and it gives me an ego boost, too!).


Do you want your updates delivered via RSS or email
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And thanks, friend! Enjoy your subscription!
                                                                   - Meagan Page (aka The Illustrator's Wife)

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